Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kate The Intern On: Beer

Today is a guest post from our intern Kate:

As I entered my last semester of college, I had the option of doing an internship for a company in Chicago. I considered all the things I wanted to learn more about and who I wanted to learn from. After a lot of research on beer in Chicago, I set my sights on Half Acre - local, hands-on, small and growing.
I didn’t learn until they interviewed me that plans were in the works for the new brewery, and in a short time I was helping them move from West Town to North Center. I have learned an overwhelming amount every day I’ve been here. I’m officially a Marketing Intern, but that hasn’t stopped them from teaching me everything about their business, across the board.
Not that I have one anecdote for you, just a lot of goofy good times. I’m writing this post while hanging out with Gabriel’s dog Holden and listening to the brewery grow in the background.

Being part of Half Acre has taught me a lot about the beer community in Chicago too – not just the business end. I’ve been encouraged to attend a lot of beer events and meet a lot of beer people. Being in the company of so many craft beer lovers and brewers has certainly skewed my view of what most Americans drink.

Chicago’s beer community is much smaller than I had originally imagined. The amount and variety of local beer feels disproportionate to the amount and diversity of beer drinkers in Chicago. People’s eyes light up when they realize the beer you are offering is local and ask questions faster than you can answer them. Geography seems to be of particular importance – everyone wants to know exactly where our beer will be brewed and how close they can get to the beer making itself. Our extraordinary city pride seems to grow even larger when beer is involved.  

Happy Thanksgiving 

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

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