Monday, November 29, 2010


We'll be releasing Big Hugs Imperial Stout this Friday 12/3 @ 12 noon.
We're still walking the beer through its process so I won't yet speak to its pizazz, but we've got high hopes.

Growlers will $17 for refills & $21 if you need to purchase the growler, as well.
22oz bomber bottles will be $10.99 each

Destroyed rainbows, simply a bonus.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

On Photon

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We're having an event at our brewery (4257 N. Lincoln Ave) and you're invited. This will be one of two events that we hope will bookend each year. The first: a winter celebration. A time to exercise the demons and flush it all out.

The cost is $40 per person.

Date of event: 12/18/10 from 6:00 - 9:30pm

275 tickets to be sold. Once they're gone, that's it.

Tickets will go on sale this Friday 12/3 at our brewery store only. Big Hugs Imperial Stout will also be released the same day & time (12noon) (another blog post to follow).

What's the deal with this party you ask?

A plethora of food, all you can eat.
An array of entertainment, maybe all you can handle.
An array of beer, all you can drink. A range of Half Acre beers, including Big Hugs imperial stout brewed in collaboration with Dark Matter Coffee and also Double Daisy Cutter / The Doble Cortador, which is fermenting in preparation of this night.
Also special release beers from other brewers you know and love.

All proceeds go to benefit this party.

So bring your demons and lets have at it together.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


There's been a lot of buzz about a recent article that came out in Crain's.
Here it is

We've been interviewed countless times, asked to go on TV, etc, etc.

Here's where we stand:

We have sold beer in Chicago since August 2007 on merit alone. If we don't get or lose an account because a distributor or supplier wants to buy it out from under us, well, then that's not an account we wanted to have anyway.

We started a brewing company to make beer and share it with those who enjoy it, and that's where we focus our energies. Chicago is a great town that will support what it enjoys, whether local or from out of state and there's no shortage of great places that take part in the positive process that gets good beer to good people.

Is Chicago a complex town? Sure is... Was complex before we got here and will likely always be in one form or another.

In the end, a bar carrying a beer because of a sweet deal or a brewery or distributor buying their way through town is sad. Somewhere along the line they needed the sale too bad.

As for Half Acre, our time is best spent looking for those who do want our beer for the right reasons rather than worrying about those that don't.

And that's that,

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago ,IL

Friday, November 19, 2010

SS Simon Short

The SS Simon Short is ready to launch.

This 6%abv earthy porter is a reliable go to for your weekend needs. We've been drinking it since Wednesday and have taken quite a shine to this dogwatch porter.

Growlers only / $12 fills / $16 w/ growler

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

Thursday, November 11, 2010


And the cat came back.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thunder & Son and The Future of The S.S.

Today we transfered Thunder & Son out of the fermenter in preparation to package it tomorrow. We'll put the final touches on it and have it ready to hit the streets once the store opens @ 12noon on Friday.

Our goal with the beer was to lay it on thick and create a beer that tipped the octane scales a touch. It finished over 12% alc and flexes some heft. We're big fans of brown beers and this one will aid anyone in grinding through the winter muck. The last couple days have been climate gift, but you know it's coming.

Next out of the pipeline is a porter called The S.S Simon Short that we should be releasing next Friday. The S.S. is a porter with some base earthiness that shouts out to the Fuggles and Goldings we used to hop the beer. It's still taking shape but we're excited by what we've tasted so far.

The details for Thunder & Son release on Friday & beyond:
-It will be sold at our brewery store beginning at 12noon.
-22oz bomber bottles are $10.99
-Growler fills are $18 ($22 is you are also purchasing the growler)

This beer should filter out to some of your favorite beer bars around town.

We'll see you soon..

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL