Tuesday, November 23, 2010


There's been a lot of buzz about a recent article that came out in Crain's.
Here it is

We've been interviewed countless times, asked to go on TV, etc, etc.

Here's where we stand:

We have sold beer in Chicago since August 2007 on merit alone. If we don't get or lose an account because a distributor or supplier wants to buy it out from under us, well, then that's not an account we wanted to have anyway.

We started a brewing company to make beer and share it with those who enjoy it, and that's where we focus our energies. Chicago is a great town that will support what it enjoys, whether local or from out of state and there's no shortage of great places that take part in the positive process that gets good beer to good people.

Is Chicago a complex town? Sure is... Was complex before we got here and will likely always be in one form or another.

In the end, a bar carrying a beer because of a sweet deal or a brewery or distributor buying their way through town is sad. Somewhere along the line they needed the sale too bad.

As for Half Acre, our time is best spent looking for those who do want our beer for the right reasons rather than worrying about those that don't.

And that's that,

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago ,IL


Brian said...

I love you guys. Distribution politics is in fact sad. Thank you for being yourselves!

Midwest Beer Blog said...

Well put.

Benjamin said...

I still love you guys...even though you're with CBS. Seriously, they undermine you!! As a previous beer buyer, I can say that all they give a crap about is pallet stacks of Miller Lite...guys like you get lost in the shuffle. Luckily I can buy directly fromt the brewery!!

Gabriel said...

Ben -

I won't spend any time defending our actions or anyone else's. CBS has been respectful of our brand and our goals. Getting lost in the shuffle is our responsibility.
Pallets disappear only as fast as people buy it. Consumer is king, not distributors.

Raul said...

Consumer is king. Hopefully, the younger crowd (like myself) see the light. Miller Lite and Keystone is great for college but as we grow old, we should put away childish things. Good beer is more fun anyways. You guys are great!

beerecorder said...
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Sonny said...

Tasting is believing.
Drinking is relieving.
I'll see ya'll later today!

72 Pints said...

Being in the business as long as I have I've see bars being built, T.V.'s installed, and tap handles being bought all over with large Macrobrew money. I've heard stories of them having to take down other distributors beer signs or be threatened with having funds cut-off. It's not just Chicago kids.