Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thunder & Son and The Future of The S.S.

Today we transfered Thunder & Son out of the fermenter in preparation to package it tomorrow. We'll put the final touches on it and have it ready to hit the streets once the store opens @ 12noon on Friday.

Our goal with the beer was to lay it on thick and create a beer that tipped the octane scales a touch. It finished over 12% alc and flexes some heft. We're big fans of brown beers and this one will aid anyone in grinding through the winter muck. The last couple days have been climate gift, but you know it's coming.

Next out of the pipeline is a porter called The S.S Simon Short that we should be releasing next Friday. The S.S. is a porter with some base earthiness that shouts out to the Fuggles and Goldings we used to hop the beer. It's still taking shape but we're excited by what we've tasted so far.

The details for Thunder & Son release on Friday & beyond:
-It will be sold at our brewery store beginning at 12noon.
-22oz bomber bottles are $10.99
-Growler fills are $18 ($22 is you are also purchasing the growler)

This beer should filter out to some of your favorite beer bars around town.

We'll see you soon..

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Ethan said...

Looking forward to trying both!

Sonny said...

Good in Growlers. This is so exciting. I'm bubbling over.