Friday, October 22, 2010

Thunder & Son

The temperature dive is Mother Nature's way of saying "go ahead, fellas, brew some big beers. " Who are we to tempt Mother Nature?

So we brew the Tonka truck of brown beers, Thunder & Son Brown Ale.
We just finished the first of four mashes for this 30bbl brew. For those not steeped in geekery, that means this beer is going to be a real chunker, 12+% abv.

We'll need some time to wrangle this beer into bomber bottles and kegs, but it should land right about the time the frost does.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

Thanks to Phineas X Jones for helping to bring our bizarre visual concepts to life.


nate said...

Holy crap!

satan165 said...

^^ what nate said!

speaking of big beers....will we see big hugs this year?

Rudy said...

Need bottling volunteers? Will work for a pint.

Travis said...

There was frost on my car this morning....Just saying.

beerecorder said...
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