Monday, October 11, 2010

Wake Of The Flood

We've been monkeying around with a new beer called Wake Of The Flood over the last few weeks. The goal was to lean on some rye malt with this beer with a flash of pilsner malt, back it up with some crystal hops and serve up our take on a harvest beer. We've yet to complete it, but we just pulled a sample from the fermenter and it's tasting solid.

Fall is in full force so this beer will drop at a time when it can be fully appreciated. So strap on your autumnal gear and hit the woods with this one.

We'll release it Friday when the store opens (12pm)
This is draft only, so bring your growler so we top you off with this fall beer.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Midwest Beer Blog said...

Looking forward to trying this one.

George K said...

Wake of the flood, laughing water, forty-nine,
Get out the pans, don't just stand there dreamin'
Get out of the way, get out of the way,

Here comes sunshine, here comes sunshine.

Can't wait to try it!

Gabriel said...


I'm going to guess that's a Grateful Dead reference.... Wake Of The Flood is the same name as one of their albums, it's true. I'd prefer to say that there is no connection, but that would be a lie. Nine out of ten of us that make Half Acre would rather go to a Gwar show, but there is one person here at Half Acre that appreciates the music of the Grateful Dead; in ways that amaze me. He's got what I believe to be the most expansive Dead tape collections this side of the Mississippi. You can find him on any given day riding public transit with a Sony Walkman in hand listening to a live set from the 70's. The attraction persists, day in, day out. Incredible. There's something very unique about their fan base, we have one of them; and he formulated this beer.

Jabberjaws13 said...

is there any chance you'll have stickers for this one too? (or half acre stickers yet?)

thanks, and if not, no worries. just like to support you guys with free advertising on my jeep!

Anonymous said...

We gonna rise up, Wake of the Flood!