Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Store and what it means to you…

We’ve been getting a ton of questions about the store and upcoming changes.

Here is a general overview and some quick answers.

Our goal with the store and thought behind building a production brewery right in the middle of a busy neighborhood was to make it a place where people could connect with our brewery, the process and those making the beer they drink. 

It will also allow us some flexibility.  To be more specific:

The Half Acre store is not a bar and will not serve food.  We will sell our beer to-go and the beer & spirits of brewers and distillers we want to support.  We will have six draft lines that will allow for sampling and the purchase of growlers (1/2 gallon jugs) to-go.  We’ll also have a soda that we’ve made on draft as much as time allows.  You can buy our beer in 6packs, 22oz bottles, growlers, 1/2bbl kegs and 1/6th bbl kegs.  We’ll also sell Half Acre merchandise to outfit your entire neighborhood.

Enjoying what we do very much and doing our best to continually offer new / different beer, we will have things available here that might not be available at other locations.  Not everything we brew lands in bars, stores and restaurants – it’s time consuming and expensive to develop visual identities and distribution paths.  The store will allow us to share some of the things that usually don't make it out of the brewery.

Basically, the store will grant us some flexibility to readily offer you Half Acre Beer in as many forms possible in the freshest state imaginable.

We will open the week of Oct 5, 2009.  We’ll be gearing things up slowly, so some things might not be available right away, but keep your pants on – we’re on it.  We will offer formal tours Friday’s at 5:00pm and will add Saturday’s in the coming months.  People can go out to the brewery at any time to see the machine at work.  During regular working hours it will be like being at the zoo, watching us work in our native habitat kind of vibe.  However at tour times we will chat it up and answer any questions anyone might have.

This should be awesome.  See you here.


Half Acre Beer Co

Chicago, IL

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're outta here

Half Acre is on vacation for bit. We'll see you soon.

Drink Beer,

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

Friday, September 18, 2009

No Hunt Today.

As a result of our capsule being lost in the abyss, we will not have a hunt today.  We're going to gather up a new capsule and come back ready to hide.

They'll be offering up a boat load of Half Acre Beer at this weekend's Harvest Jam in Welles Park.  You may want to check that out.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slipped Away

To The Hunters:

The capsule is gone.  I went and checked today because some folks posted comments that they thought it might have been cleaned up, so just to be sure I went to take a look.  Sure enough, it's gone forever never to be found again.

The capsule was hidden just a mere couple blocks south of the brewery at the Northcenter Town Square, right off Lincoln Ave.  I made reference to a Crier because if one would find a Crier, I figured, it would likely be in the town square.  

I try to be diligent in posting people's comments and addressing ideas while not giving hint, although I inadvertently give them.  For instance, someone thought that a homeless person might have grabbed it and I made mention that they would have claimed the prize.  The person who made the blog comment pointed out that they would need to call and they wouldn't have a cell phone, but all they would have had to do was walk two blocks, so that is a clue of sorts.

People thoughtfully developed some great ideas in finding it.  Thanks for that.  We try to make the hunt fun and challenging without making it too easy or sending people on a wild goose chase.  This balance can be a challenge.  During my senior year of high school I was accepted to a Scavenging Hunt theory program that would consume four years with rigorous Hunt education.  Eventually I would have graduated with a certificate and the ability to command any tasteful Scavenger hunt in a dynamic fashion, but I missed enrollment and went on to occupy my time in the many great watering holes our country has to offer.

With that said, we hope you had fun.
The hunt will return and soon as we score a new capsule.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

Friday, September 11, 2009

Moving Forward

As the blog hopefully turns a corner and ends its ongoing updates on construction, licensing and coming soon promises, we’d like to thank all of you.

I can’t tell you how many people have helped, offered to volunteer or yelled random messages of support while walking or driving by the brewery.  So, we thank all of you who lent a hand physically and those who spewed positive vibes along the way.

With that said, the blog will hopefully focus on new beers, rants on various topics, collaborations and goings on at the new store that we plan to have open at the beginning of October. 

With that thought – look for a specialty release called Magnus in the coming weeks.  It’s a big Schwartz beer that will be offered on draft and in 22oz bombers. We’ll let you know where when the time comes.

So as the next chapter rolls in, lets head out and hunt.

Remember to call, email or text as soon as one of you has found it.  773.351.5709 or Gabriel@halfacrebeer.com

Here is today’s clue:

“Couldn’t find the Crier of Little Fort Road, but found a bag instead.  Promptly put the capsule in and left it with the foliage.”

Good luck!  The winner gets some Daisy Cutter 22’s that were bottled today.

Half Acre Beer Co

Chicago, IL

Friday, September 4, 2009

Again, no hunt, but.....

Again there will be no hunt, but all for good reason.  Our final inspection for our liquor license, which we just passed, has slung a wrench into the hunt mix.  

Either way, we'll see you soon at our store.  Beer to go, yes, beer to go..... and did I mention free samples on draft all the time.

Half Acre Beer CO
Chicago, IL