Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slipped Away

To The Hunters:

The capsule is gone.  I went and checked today because some folks posted comments that they thought it might have been cleaned up, so just to be sure I went to take a look.  Sure enough, it's gone forever never to be found again.

The capsule was hidden just a mere couple blocks south of the brewery at the Northcenter Town Square, right off Lincoln Ave.  I made reference to a Crier because if one would find a Crier, I figured, it would likely be in the town square.  

I try to be diligent in posting people's comments and addressing ideas while not giving hint, although I inadvertently give them.  For instance, someone thought that a homeless person might have grabbed it and I made mention that they would have claimed the prize.  The person who made the blog comment pointed out that they would need to call and they wouldn't have a cell phone, but all they would have had to do was walk two blocks, so that is a clue of sorts.

People thoughtfully developed some great ideas in finding it.  Thanks for that.  We try to make the hunt fun and challenging without making it too easy or sending people on a wild goose chase.  This balance can be a challenge.  During my senior year of high school I was accepted to a Scavenging Hunt theory program that would consume four years with rigorous Hunt education.  Eventually I would have graduated with a certificate and the ability to command any tasteful Scavenger hunt in a dynamic fashion, but I missed enrollment and went on to occupy my time in the many great watering holes our country has to offer.

With that said, we hope you had fun.
The hunt will return and soon as we score a new capsule.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


aritch said...


Anonymous said...

I used the same logic (the crier would be in the square), for searching Giddings Plaza a bit farther north. I also thought the "crier" might be one of the people yelling encouragement referenced in the post, so I checked every planter in the immediate vicinity of the brewery. I never thought to check the Northcenter Town Square. (Isn't that technically on Damen?)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next hunt. One of these days...

aritch said...

Whereas I found an anecdote about the first town crier George White from the 19th c., when it was still Little Fort Rd., and spent an afternoon searching around George and Lincoln St.-- that was pretty good right?

Gabriel said...

Maybe we should do a hunt where the winner not only gets some free beer -- they get to conduct their own hunt. That could be good.

Nat said...

I looked in North Center Town Square twice. The first time it was dark and I thought I might have missed it, so I went back again the next day. The people in the community center on the square must have thought I was crazy walking around looking in all of the planters and up in the trees for two days.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to enjoying a beer seldom attempted by American brewers -- I'm also glad about observing a change of over 0.0381 in specific gravity from that same brew (over 5% b/v). Also, let me say, that conducting a hunt seems intriguing, but I've enjoyed all hunts I've attempted and the progression of difficulty.

Brian said...

The difficulty is nice because it lets the game go more than an hour or two - but it would also be best if there weren't multiple places that all fit the clue equally well. I thought the "intersection of science and religion" clue from a while back was pretty good at balancing those two criteria.

I think it would be fun to have a "design the hunt" contest. Let people give you their own clues and locations, see which clue looks best, and give the winner a couple beers as a reward for using their entry. Similar to letting the winner design the next hunt, except this way you get a lot more voices involved. I'm sure there are people out there with some pretty cool ideas.