Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Matt Gives His Ode to Chicago (we continue to give thanks)

It’s cold. We shouldn’t be complaining about the cold in December, the solstice is still a week away. But it’s cold. Half Acre recently got its gas bill for the brewery, it was frightening. We now wear hats and long johns so we can give our money to our boiler guy instead of People’s Gas. At the end of the day when I’m so cold my teeth hurt, I think about the journalists stuck in Blagojevich’s alley keeping watch, and I don’t feel all that cold any more.

Most people bunker down at home when it’s cold, but the collective Chicago certainly doesn’t shun the great outdoors come winter. The other weekend the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships were held at Montrose Harbor. We stopped by to figure out what cyclocross is all about, and cheer on the Half Acre Cycling family. It was cold, yet riders of all ages were hauling up and down the snow covered terrain, carrying bikes over obstacles, skidding out under the pedestrian bridges, all while the icy white crust of the lake Michigan shoreline thickened with each crashing wave.  As I stood there in the snow, my sneakers a mixture of water and snow and sand, I realized how Chicago continually amazes me. No matter what tickles your fancy, others with the same fancy-tickling interest are close at hand. Every night something interesting is happening. If you’re into serious bicycle racing on rough terrain in inclement weather, you’d have been at Montrose Harbor two weekends ago. If like us you’re into beer, there is so much going now every week I don’t know where to begin. And that is nice to know.

We’re making progress on our brewery, sometimes so focused on getting a tank into place, or painting a rafter, that we don’t see what’s past the nuts and bolts of construction. The other day my neighbor saw a Half Acre bottle on the street while he was walking his dog. While we in no way condone littering, it's always a nice milestone. Someone chose our beer to enjoy while walking to the bus, or to the grocery store, or to a friend’s house.

So thanks Chicago, stay warm and don't litter.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

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Kevin said...

Matt/Half Acre -
Glad you don't condone littering, but it is great to see people incorporating Half Acre into their daily lives. It is hard to kick the Half Acre habit once you start. Best of luck to the HA team as you start the fun part. Happy Holidays,