Friday, July 17, 2009

The New and The Hidden

This week we got some new gear. See the 60bbl tanks above, thanks to Three Floyds, and some new kegs thanks to those in China who monopolize the stainless steel market. We also got a new second floor that’s capable of supporting tremendous amounts of weight. All the grain can now move upstairs and out of the way. All this has put a good vibe in the brewery and we finally feel like we’re getting close to finishing the “buildout,” on the brewery. The store is close behind, which is great for us both. The store will allow you, the faithful fan, to come and hang out and leave with beer in hand.

In addition, today is Friday and the hunt is on. So, go out and find it. Bring it to us and be rewarded with 22oz bombers of Daisy Cutter and a chance to check out the progress first hand.

It’s very important that you call, text or email when / if you find the capsule: 773 351 5709 or And just a reminder, the capsule is a tin cylinder approximately 3” round by 1”deep. Our logo is on its top.

Enjoy the weekend, good luck and here is your clue:

“They used his name twice in Illinois alone even though he only visited the USA once and never touched Chicago soil. Look to where the sun and wind power this place.”

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seeandyspin said...

LENS FLARE!!!111oneone
Seriously, pretty looking tanks there a production-of-tasty-beer sense.