Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Week

This marks a record for the Hunt.  The capsule still sits where I hid it.  I imagine that people have given it their mental and/or physical effort and have moved on with their summer, as I'm sure I would have done.  Maybe this puts the ball back into our court.  Do we send out a hint, go get it ourselves......??  The answer is no.  It stays put, right where we hid it until someone else brings it back to us. 

In other news, Project Heifer is working out great, except we still produce more grain than Farmer Ben can feed to his animals.  He has a "gentleman's farm," so all that he raises is for personal consumption or some small sales to locals.  His needs are growing, but our production is also increasing, so we continue to stay ahead of his needs.  So if you know someone locally that could use some spent grain, let us know. And before you leave a comment saying "I use it in my garden," or "I make dog biscuits with it," remember that even after we hook up Farmer Ben we have an excess of thousands of pounds each week.  Maybe one of you guys wants to start a secondary business based on spent grain.  It could be great.  All the free spent grain one could want.

We've been working on some new beers that will come out soon, as well as overall strategy to continue pushing things at Half Acre.  You can expect a 22oz / draft beer to be released in Sept. called Magnus.  Magnus will be a jacked up Schwartz beer for your imbibing pleasure.  We also just brewed a honey beer in collaboration with a downtown hotel that have three, large beehives on their roof. That will be done in a couple of weeks.  Looking forward to that.  We're also working on getting our first shipment of cans so that we can begin using our canning line in time for the store to open.

Which brings me to the store.  Construction is only days from being finished.  Obviously we're going to sell our own beer, but we're also going to sell products from other brewers and distillers.  If you guys have any ideas on what you'd like to see in the store, then let us know.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Matt said...

We were mixing out spent homebrew grains into our garden soil, until we had we had so much of it in there rats starting noticing... Other than baking cookies we don't know what to do with it either! Hmmm... maybe you should call Sarah Lee!

Rnast said...

Besides the normal pint glasses and t-shirts, I would love to maybe see some home brew supplies sold in the store. Seems like the hobby is growing but the options are somewhat slim in the City.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not stopping the hunt. I was afraid you'd call it. I have a few ideas I'm going to check out after work. Hope know one finds it until then!

Anonymous said...

I spent Wed morning searching but found nothing. I did end the morning with a cold Half Acre at Wild Goose!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow will have marked the hunt at one week... does that mean we get a new clue for the same location? And the rain still hasn't washed it away yet eh?

Lawrence said...

so i guess this means no more hunts, since no one has found it. ha!

anyone want to collaborate on this? where have you looked? any ideas? anything???

i think whoever finds the capsule deserves the first pull from the storefront taps!

rachel said...

Lawrence, feel free to share your ideas: rachelanngibson@gmail.com or anyone else for that matter...I've searched my idea of a place, but to no avail. I'm all about collaboration at this point!