Tuesday, March 2, 2010


You may have heard that we’re switching from 12 oz bottles to 16oz cans, 4-packs of Tall Boys, to be exact. If so, you heard correctly. And when you heard that you may have said to yourself “why are they doing that?” If so, we’re going to explain it to you.

First off, bottles are a fine package. We’ve enjoyed countless beers from them, packaged beer in them, and will continue our translucent friendship with them (we will continue to package our special release beers in 22oz bottles). But when it came time to plunk down some cash and purchase a long-term packaging solution, we had to think long and hard.

Here is why we’ll be moving to cans:

1. Cans allow no light into the beer. For a craft brewing company like ours that tries very hard to keep all of the natural qualities of beer intact, doesn’t pasteurize or use stabilizers, it’s important to preserve those elements. Cans offer the best way to do that. So, with Oxygen pickup in the canning process as low or lower than any other and beer never touching the can itself due to a protective lining, beer is safer in a can.

2. Cans are nearly 100% recyclable and are less than one-third the weight of a bottle, so the overall environmental footprint is much smaller.

3. Boats, beaches, bike paths, ball games, rock shows, retreats, riding skateboards, hiking, handgliding, fishing, Frisbee, on and on and on; no broken glass. Drink it, crush it, get it out of there.

So, off we go. Should we “need” to shotgun a few beers along the way, we’ll be able to do that too.

Canned Crafted. Beer Is Better In Here.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Anne said...

Except for your growler's, yes? Those will still be glass?

Gabriel said...

Growlers will continue to be glass and we'll continue to use 22oz bomber bottles for special release beers. Just 12oz bottles will go away.

Anonymous said...

totally and completely awesome. great move guys.

Tommy Riley said...

I have a feeling they will be a staple on canoe trips and camp fires. May I suggest a tall boy can coolie?

staticfritz said...

HELL yes

Mr. Sparkle said...

I can't wait! When will said switch be complete?

Ben said...

I strictly adhere to handgliding with canned beer, but only one. ;) Exciting stuff!!

Gabriel said...

Cans will begin to rollout in April.

John said...

And, not to state the obvious or nothing, but cans are WAY more hipster than bottles, DUH!

Frank said...

Really like the artwork you put on your labels. Any word on how these new cans will look and how the artwork will be put on them. Sorry, I'm a design/art nerd.


Andy said...

Nice. A pint can is just right for a Tuesday evening dinner and a little bit after while watching the tube.

Beck said...

Have a "Kick the Can" celebration in honor of the new 16 ouncers.

Take a new 16 ouncer and fill it with concrete. Makes a nice door stop. Might even sell at the gift shop.

Take about 20-40 16 ouncers and tie them with twine. Attach them to a door. When your roommate opens the door, he (or she) will whiz in their britches.