Friday, April 30, 2010

Hanging with Mayor

The official press conference was held yesterday, so we can now blab on the internets about the wager between our city, the city of meaty shoulders, and our Blackhawks, and Vancouver and their Canucks. Half Acre has put up two cases of beer, one case of Daisy Cutter Pale Ale 16oz cans and one case of Gossamer Golden Ale 16oz cans. Should the Hawks fall we will send our beer to Vancouver, but we're banking on the fact that not a single drop of our brew will cross the northern border anytime soon. The great part: the Hawks and Canucks have a serious distaste for one another. It should be a brutal bout.

Pictured above is me gabbing on the mic with the Mayor to my right and the president of the Blackhawks to my left.

Big thanks to the Mayor and his crew for supporting craft beer in Chicago.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Ethan said...


Anonymous said...

So does this mean that Wirtz Beverage is distributing Half Acre now? Not a bad way to sell some beer.

Does that mean Wirtz is hoping his Hawks lose so that he can distribute his other product up north?

Way to go Rocky.

Gabriel said...

No, it does not mean that.

Anonymous said...

so is there some British Columbian microbrewery taking part in the wager as well?

Danny said...

Great Job. Go Hawks.

greaseball said...

Some BC Winners at The World Beer Cup: