Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goose Island & AB

We've been getting bombarded with calls and questions about the sale of Goose Island Beer Co.

For the record: We wish Goose Island all the luck with their decisions, through the years they have earned the right to run their company however they see fit. They are their decisions to make and only they can understand them completely. They've been good to us, and for that we're grateful. We want what's best for the Hall's and their brewers. They blazed this path.

As for AB, well, we don't know those guys.

From where I sit, this industry is pretty great. Compared to all the truly horrible crap that happens in business -- the really terrible, sweat shop, working children to the bone, chemical rampant, human atrocity kind of crap -- this is pretty good.

Take it easy,

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Cymantics said...

Cool. see you at the secret mars volta gig this sunday then?

hollie said...


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Kid said...

You must wake up every morning and thank your lucky stars that "you don't know those guys" over at AB.

Sonny said...

Business as usual. I'm just grateful HA hasn't changed!

Anonymous said...

Well said. (Unlike some other local breweries that were complete ass hats about this publicly)