Friday, September 23, 2011

The Cycle

We first have to step back to our last beer, StickyFat, to truly understand this beer. The next beer about to gush from the tanks is Mr. Ouroboros. Mr. Ouroboros is the follow up wet hop beer to StickyFat. Both are brewed with freshly picked, whole cone hops straight from the harvest. Both are hop forward, juicy potions demonstrating the perfume quality you can extract from the cones. And, both are odes to the lore of the fields. We were joined by friend and fellow brewer Jonathan Cutler of Piece Brewpub to bring this beer to you. We utilized a kolsch yeast strain and bags & bags of whole cone Citra to land on a beer all its own.

Mr. Ouroboros is the ghost of Coney Bottoms, the one and only concrete evidence of the StickyFat Bear. Coney Bottoms, a simple minded farmer that happened to be puttering around in the wrong row when the StickyFat bear was gorging on the ooey-gooey, was taken down by the bear. Since then, the ghost of Coney Bottoms, who the hill-people call Mr. Ouroboros, resurfaces each cycle to loom, to lurk, to gurgle.

As one farmer's 11 year old son recounts:

"Daddy, I saw the Mr. Ouroboros creaking and cacklin' in the field.......gumming all he's got left of his hand and makin' creepy."

This wet hop brew pays homage to this cycle and Mr. Ouroboros.

This will be a draft only / growler pour beer. Release date to follow.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

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Anonymous said...

Is this going to last as long as sticky fat did? ABV? IBU?