Thursday, October 6, 2011

Deals de los Muertos

A word from the Monster Mash Pit,

Halloween is lurking around the corner and to celebrate, we’re gonna do it like we use to back when our parents picked out our outfits and the acquisition of unhealthy mounds of sugar was the only thing on the agenda. We’re gonna do October a solid by encouraging you to dress ridiculous and by desecrating some gourds. In fact, we would like to offer a treat to anyone who partakes in these sadistic rituals. It breaks down as follows:

-No Jokes, perform a noteworthy trick…receive 10% off Half Acre items
-Come in and make your Half Acre Purchases entirely in costume…receive 15% off
-From October 25th to 29th, bring in a thoughtfully carved pumpkin…receive 15% off Half Acre suds & duds

…make ‘em count though as both costumes and pumpkins will be judged by us with the winner receiving yet another treat. We will give you one guess as to what that treat will be…

Bob Away,

Half Acre Beer Co.

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btw: that photo does not look right. HAHAHA.