Sunday, March 30, 2008

Building A Brewery

As a company we’ve been fortunate enough to make a first beer that people enjoy, land in some good bars and have some loyal fans. As a result, we’re planning to build a brewery here in Chicago that will enable us to bring everything under one roof and take a huge step in the right direction.

In concept, it sounds like just a handful of steps; gathering up some cash, getting a space, buying some brewing equipment, getting a few licenses and you’re off brewing. The reality is also something like that, too, but underneath those main steps wait countless little struggles eating away at your sanity. Anyone who finds themselves brewing on a shiny, commercial brewhouse underwent these struggles, or works for someone who did. It’s certainly a right of passage – as I assume all businesses come bearing.

There’s another brewer in town who’s been taking these steps. Josh Deth is opening Revolution Brewing Co in Logan Square, a brewpub, which I’m sure, comes with twice the headache. Josh has been at it for some time and I know has made some quality headway. He even bought a 15BBL brewhouse that will wait to be installed until some of the paperwork goes through for the space he’s purchasing. I’m excited to have the presence of another brewpub in town, and more specifically, a brewpub in Logan Square that will likely be a nice place to spend time and drink quality beer.

We also have a packaging brewery start-up by the name of Metropolitan Brewing. This is a husband and wife duo that are taking the plunge and making a go of it. I know they’ve been generating interest from investors for a while and are now looking for a space to call home.

I guess this means there is somewhat of brewing resurgence in town, or at least more planned activity than the city has seen in a long time. Chicago could use more local brewers to offer its inhabitants diversity within their local selection. The Midwest is an underdeveloped craft beer market with too many people sucking down imports and Miller Light. People should drink what they enjoy, but a large brewing presence might catch the attention of folks stuck in a robotic shopping mode continually reaching for the 6-pack of Heineken.

As for the Half Acre Brewery, we’re looking for spaces right now and will build as quickly and best as possible. Hopefully you’ll come to see it, play some ping pong and drink some beer.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

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