Friday, March 28, 2008

Half Acre Hike

The Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park recently agreed to carry our beer.  Their establishment is located at 7000 N. Glenwood, and it will be the northern most place to sell our beer.  So, in an effort to raise some funds for a good charity and do something interesting, I'll be hand delivering their first case from 0 and the lake.  That means that I'll be walking 70 blocks or over 9 miles with a case of beer weighing over 30lbs.  The biggest question is:  Can I do this?  The answer:  I really don't know.  The good thing:  It's for charity, for fun, and there will be a bunch of folks walking with me to take that damn case of beer should I go down due to a vital failure of some kind.  I might blow a vertebrae.  

In order to prepare myself, I've been walking my dog with a case of beer.  I imagine people in the neighborhood think I'm some sort of crazy person who's always moving boxes.  Our cases are just plain, cardboard boxes without any fancy coloring or design that would highlight the fact that it's beer -- not that that would make it more sensible from an onlookers perspective, but at least people might think I was a dedicated beer drinker who goes out at 8am to grab the day's case of beer.  Either way, I'm out with the beer shifting positions every block or so in order to not max out each muscle group.

The other day I was out there waiting on a corner for the light to change with my leash-less dog sitting obediently beside me.  I hear some youngsters in a car saying "hey, that dog doesn't have a leash on him," and debating back and forth whether he did or not(I couldn't see them because the case of beer on my shoulder was blocking my view).  Once the light turned green I felt something hit my back, and then I heard the unmistakable sound of change hitting the ground.  The next instant the car was ahead of me and in view with a kid about 16 years old sitting in the back giving me the finger.  

My first reaction was, "you little sonofabitch," but then I kind of got a kick out of it. It was the most senseless act of mischief, but maybe something I would have done at 16, who knows?  I was on the circle in Logan Square, so I was hoping that they would loop back around so I could do something of equal immaturity in return, but they opted to exit the circle and terrorize other parts of town.  

It might be that area because a couple of days later (case of beer in hand) someone tried to sell me a puppy.  I think the case prompts people to take notice, then they include me in whatever they have going on.  This could lead to trouble -- or maybe great things.

Either way, I'll be out there with my case of beer.  And on April 26th I'll be walking it 70+ blocks to see if I can do it, and raise some cash for hungry kids living in Chicago.  Please come and walk with me, and thanks to all the generous people who have supported my walk, First Slice and the kids they help.  

If you'd like to sponsor the walk, walk with us or come to the subsequent party at the Heartland Cafe(starts about 8pm), then you can check out the events section of or call us at 312 492 8494 and we'll chat about it.

Half Acre Beer Co
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