Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Happening

We managed to get it all apart thanks to a bunch of good people who broke their ass over the course of a week. We had a lot of fun, worked hard and got it all done on schedule. Many thanks to Dave and George, Matt and the rest of the guys from Ska, the truckers and anyone else who had a hand in getting it all here. We also appreciate the folks from Jewel who let us stage our flat-beds in their parking lot.

(Take a look at that purple Peterbilt that cruised across the country with our tanks.  I wished I could have seen it mid-route gettin' it done)

So, it’s here. We have a disassembled brewery in our brewery to be. It’s kind of a mess and makes any fiber of OCD that I may have go absolutely haywire, but all this has a process and it can’t be forced – even though we’d like to work 20 hours a day until it shined and could churn out delicious beer.

Working in a construction site is a little weird, but being part of that change is exciting. The biggest thing is juggling running our business while launching this new phase to our business. A lot of the time we’re filthy from head to toe, so it’s good we’re in the beer industry and can generally conduct all aspects of business while covered in dirt. That’s part of the reason it’s great to do what we do.

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Tax Payer said...

Hey, I'd love an update on the status of your brewery.