Monday, October 27, 2008

Water Towers

Our first space in the Industrial Corridor of Near West Chicago sat below an abandoned water tower. Sitting in our space it loomed over us at all times. So, when designing our first label it was only right to incorporate it as our mascot of sorts. Chicago is home to many great water towers -- our Buddy Ian Issitt made this for us. He did a great job and we appreciate it.

(Our old water tower is featured mid-way through the film)


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Anonymous said...

hello Half Acre

Hope to meet you at FOBAB. Me, I am a former resident from Colorado, now here in Chicago enjoying.

I and another video editor here in Chicago brew our own beer while editing show for national networks. It is our hope to gear up and produce a beer show. Maybe we can get together sometime in the future to talk about a feature on Half Acre.

My name is Michael Wheeler and the other person involved is Ryan Koscielniak, we even have a contact at the Map Room who will be part of the team.

please drop a line at