Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Beers / New Skin

After all the blather about the building, zoning changes, moratorium lifting, equipment moving, construction, and on and on and on...... we've come to the time we can share some new beers with you.  

We genuinely couldn't be more pleased to be at this point.  There's a lot of work still to be done, but most of it is building related and not brewing related.  Our boiler is puffing steam and our brewhouse is chugging away, and that means that new beers are coming .

The first that you guys will be able to purchase is BAUME'.  This is a Rye Stout that fires off notes of chocolate and coffee and balances hop and malt edges with class.  It's a commemorative, limited edition beer that we only brewed 15 bbl's of, so it won't be around long.  It will be available on draft and in 22oz bombers.  This beer was a chance for us to thank those who helped us get this place up and running, and for that we couldn't be more appreciative. 

BAUME' kicks off the first of our bomber series that we hope to keep rolling for some time.  After BAUME's quick appearance we'll follow it up with Daisy Cutter Pale Ale.  We've been itching to get this one in the tank for a while and now that we have some new toys, a bunch of new hops and the ability to do whatever the f*@k we want, we're rolling out the Daisy Cutter.  It will lean in more of a west coast aromatic Pale Ale direction with less on the bittering end.  We're packing it full of the dank hops, and we have big hopes for this PA.

We'll let you know who's carrying both beers once they hit.

We worked hard on the labels and feel they're both representative of the Half Acre vibe.  Our friends at the Federal Government have approved them both, so you'll see them stuck to the side of brown bottles  before you know it.  Let us know what you think.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Slovak Brewer said...

Will the BAUME be available at Binney's and Sam's?

Gabriel said...

Yes, it will be.

Jeff said...

Could you contact me @ jeff at thebeerspot dot com? I would love to do a blog about you guys.

Helge said...

Hell Yeah!! Congrats guys! Can't wait to get my lips around some of that Baume.

tbrp said...

Any news on when Baume will be available? Can it currently be purchased in bombers from the brewery?

Gabriel said...

We'll try to roll it out for April 1st. At this time you can't get bombers directly from us.... yet. We'll let you know where/when it's available, though.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on this and the exposure in the Red Eye yesterday!