Friday, May 15, 2009

Field Trip & Daisy Cutter

There will be no Half Acre Hunt today.  
We're taking a trip to Three Floyds Brewing Co, so our hiding and posting abilities will be dedicated elsewhere.

No worries, though, the hunt will be on again....

We've been getting a lot of very positive feedback about the new Daisy Cutter Pale Ale and want to be sure everybody get a crack at it.  This beer sold out incredibly fast, so our inventory is gone.  It's out in the world, though.  You can still get it on draft at Hopleaf, Maproom, Jerry's 2, Local Option, Beer Bistro, Quenchers, Reggie's Rock Club and Small Bar.  

The bomber bottles flew out the door, as well, but I know Armanetti's on Lincoln, Sam's, SL Binny's and others are still carrying.

Enjoy the weekend.

Half Acre Beer Co.
Chicago, IL


honus said...

I'd love it if this was at VAS Foremost!

Gabriel said...

It likely is.. give them a call.

eric said...

Are Daisy Cutter bottles out there too?

Gabriel said...

Yes, the bottles are at the above stores: Armanetti's, Sams, Binny's etc..

Hollie said...

Nice to see you guys the other day out at FFF! I have very ambitious plans to come visit you guys in the coming weeks. Don't forget Thursdays!