Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Half Acre Head

This marks the first in what will be a never-ending series called, “Half Acre Heads.”
One of the best things about our brewing company are all the folks that come out of the shadows to spend time with us. We really get an array of people that make the days, weeks and months add up to a colorful experience.

So without furthering babbling, the first “Half Acre Head,” I’d like to introduce is:


Chuck has been drinking and selling craft beer since before the term was thrown around in every shitbox, watering hole from here to Juno. Before Beer Advocate there were beer advocates like Chuck, and others, that quietly preached the gospel of bigger beer.

We met Chuck in the industry and have caught up with him at many a beer event as he meanders from one sample to the next, eerily smiling at what seems like a joke only he’s taking part in. He comes to the brewery with the same grin.

I know he drives an American car that he’s owned for more than 20 years and has lived on the near south side for just as long. He’s been aging a Boston Beer Co beer since the mid 90’s and is currently seeking a new position in the world of beer.

He’s like a free-agent waiting for his next team. So, all of you out there who have oodles of positions that were made for Chuck – send him an email and hire him to lead you: chuck@wagsbeer.com

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

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Slovak Brewer said...

Chuck used to make recommendations for me at Sam's Wine in Lincoln Park. Super knowledgeable and very friendly. I miss having a down to earth beer lover greeting me as I shop for bottles.