Monday, October 19, 2009


In celebration of Magnus, the jacked-up Schwartz beer we’ve been raising for the last seven weeks, we made ourselves a bang-up lunch, opened up the garage door and sat in the autumn sun to take it down.  Lets discuss it:


On our paper plates a passer-by would see Prosciutto, and not some low-rent Prosciutto found pre-sliced in bad packaging, but thin slices carved from a whole slab of Proscuitto smuggled over from Italy in the luggage of friends.  Beside the Prosciutto was a Mortadella (the Italian, workingman’s boloney that also entered the country as contraband) sandwich with cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar between two freshly sliced pieces of bread baked.  The anchor was some homemade pasta with olive oil, cheese and cherry tomatoes. 

 A fine lunch with workmates enjoyed in what will likely be the last of the warm weather while the neighborhood strolls by is a treat. 

 This week we bottle and keg Magnus.  We’re really looking forward to this and can’t wait to invite you guys to try it.  Keep a look out, the time is rapidly approaching.




Half Acre Beer Co.

Chicago, IL


Jeff Woelker said...

If you are looking for some other fine meats, which you don't have to smuggle into the country, I'd check out Pastoral, either in the loop or on Broadway. They have some fantastic Serrano ham, which is the most authentic I've found in the city.

I'll have to come by and get some of that Sschwartz beer this week. Cheers,

rachel said...

is it on tap yet? getting kinda' excited....

Gabriel said...

On tap in a couple of hours - growler fills tonight.

rachel said...