Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shewolf Drops

Unless something unforeseeable happens (FYI: unforeseeable lives at our brewery) we'll be releasing both bomber bottles and growler pours of Shewolf, the collaboration IPA we brewed with Three Floyds Brewing CO, tomorrow at 4:00pm. Bombers are $8.99 each and growler fills $13 ($17 if buying the growler too).

There's a lot of IPA's out there, and we believe this one is different from the pack. Leaning heavy on fewer raw materials, aiming for a lighter hue and striking a bitter note that's sure to grab

Come check out this beer.

We're still throwing a collaborative kicker at a bar -- that information to come at a later date.

Half Acre Beer C0
Chicago, IL

This beer will only be available at our store.

We are open normal hours this weekend.
Friday 12 -8
Sat 11-7
Sun 12-5


Tom Smillie said...

Is there a limit of bottles per person?

Gabriel said...

we have not set a limit. we brewed a bunch, so not too worried about it, but lets not get crazy.

Anonymous said... going out of town for the weekend, hopefully there will be some still left on tuesday. You guys are closed for the 4th, correct?

Gabriel said...

we will be open normal hours on the 4th

Jabberjaws13 said...

is there any chance you will be sending any to binny's (specifically schaumburg)? releases like this are why i hate living/working in the burbs....

Gabriel said...

this beer is only available at our brewery -- will make note on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Are you still on track for 4:00 today?