Thursday, July 29, 2010

Freedom Of '78

For all those eagerly awaiting the Freedom Of '78 Pure Guava wheat IPA, the wait continues. We used a boat load of Guava from Ecuador and it's taking some time to get the beer to clarify. So, we'll all have to give it some time and let it do what it does.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Travis said...

Not to be pushy, but is there any time line when you think it might clarify by? I need ample time to let my boss know i am taking the day off of work so I can fully enjoy this delicious tasting refreshment.

Gabriel said...

not sure. you may want to take off the whole week, or even month. come to think of it, you'll likely want to leave your position and focus on special release beers and the positivity they can bring to ones life.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Frank said...

real fruit is very difficult to work with. patience is a virtue.