Friday, August 6, 2010

Let there be Guava

Today is the day. The "Freedom Of '78," Pure Guava Wheat India Pale is alive and kicking. We went out on a limb with this beer. Working with a boat load of Guava from Ecuador was "different," but 40 days & one Ween show later we landed on a beer we're psyched about; a 7% double dry hopped screamer with some wheat tones and a nose that rings of island life.

Our thanks to Joe Short and the fine folks of Short's Brewing in Bellaire, MI for hooking up here to brew beer, checking out the Ween show and their Jedi fruit tactics.

Also to Jonathan Cutler from Piece for spending some quality brew time.

This beer will be released today, August 6, 2010 at 4:00pm, no earlier.
Growler fills are $13+tax and 22oz bombers are $9.01+tax (buy two for $19.78(after tax))

This beer will only be available at our brewery (4257 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago) & we'll bring it to the Great Taste of the Midwest. It's a one and done beer so it's here till it's gone.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


satan165 said...

i have a rafting trip.....can i come by to get some now? how about if i put together a posse and we hang outside the brewery until you are intimidated enough to tap at noon?

Anonymous said...

worst volume discount ever... i guess i'll just have to make multiple single-bomber purchases.

Anonymous said...

it costs more per bottle to buy two than to buy one?

Gabriel said...

You guys are forgetting about tax. There is no volume discount. Buying two with tax equals $19.78 - a reference to the beer itself.

Andrew said...

dude. satan. how many times you gonna ask these guys about hookin you up before everyone else??

Gabe, will there be a bottle limit?

Frank said...

don't worry Gabriel some of us got the reference. See you later man.

Frank said...

Growler and 22oz limits?

satan165 said...

andrew - it was a joke. i do not want nor expect myself or anyone else to get a beer before 3:59pm. sarcasm is often lost on these interwebs

Gabriel said...

There are no limits.