Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Formidable Gang

Thanks to all who came out to sip some of the beers we've made over these past months. You were more & bigger than we anticipated. We underestimated you, and clearly you're not to be taken lightly. We figured we'd stroll over there with some kegs and some folks would show up to quaff a few. Turns out, many of you came, there was a line to get in and the beers popped in no time. A learning experience.

Next time we will bring 3x the beer, obviously you're thirsty.

A big thanks to Mike Roper and the Hopleaf crew for hosting all of us.
Another big thanks to you for coming out and enjoying these beers.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


satan165 said...

maybe i would be this excited about any new chicago brewery. maybe i would just be pumped up to get growlers filled regularly and look forward to new beers and tons of one-offs even if they were all garbage.

or maybe half acre is doing something right, and youve got me by the balls, bound by proper beer.

i would have stolen a car if i had to to get that guajillo baume.

stop playing with my emotions!

ian said...

first off, let me say you all should keep doing what you're doing - i'm a big fan of all things half acre, and i've been converting friends one 22 oz bottle at a time.

that said, one small request - next time, pick a bar besides Hopleaf. dont' get me wrong, i have nothing but respect and adoration for Hopleaf, but if i'm going to travel somewhere for a Half Acre event, i don't want to be heading to somewhere that is normally packed anyways. contact a local bar near an El and find out when they tend to have a quiet night, and do it there, because lines for beer shouldn't be over twenty people deep, and there should be somewhere to stand.

that said, i'll show up wherever you host it - just a request.

Jabberjaws13 said...

just a suggestion....

i own way to many growlers for one person to possess, so i don't really like buying new ones unless i absolutely have to such as forgetting one at home, finding a small brewery why on a vacaton/business trip, or because the brewery is just plain asses when it comes to filling growlers.(i'm looking at you 3floyds)

anyway, i like putting stickers from the breweries i visit all over the growlers, a badge of honor and free advertisement for the little brewers. that being said, you guys need stickers. just little silver dollar size, even one color is fine. it'll cost next to nothing and you can slap one on every growler people bring in that isn't a half acre growler (of which i own one, but would still bring in another brewer's growler just to get the sticker slapped on). make it your policy for any non-half acre growler. i think people would actually dig it.

summation: please get some little stickers for the growlers. i bought a sticky fat sticker too, but it is being saved until i get the hardtop back on my jeep.

oh and keep making delicious beer!

Gabriel said...

Agreed, lines and a lacking of stickers does suck. We will address both of these issues as time and opportunity allows.

Jabberjaws13 said...

Level of importance

High Priority: Keep making delicious beer.

Backburner Priority: More room at bars for parties.

Not-even-on-the-stove Priority: Make stickers. =D

Keep up the good work, we'll keep supporting you guys.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand how any of that surprised you yesterday??? Please organize better next time

Yinka Double Dare said...

Agree with Ian -- knowing it was at Hopleaf I didn't even bother trying to go knowing that by the time I could get up there they'd be at capacity. Same thing would happen at Map Room and the other most famous long-standing beer bars in this town -- they're crowded on weeknights already even without a sweet deal on a bunch of tasty Half Acre brews.

Might try places like Rocking Horse or Cole's in Logan Square that wouldn't be all that crowded on a Tuesday or Wednesday, at least not compared to Hopleaf? Heck, or even Green Eye Lounge (conveniently located right at the Western blue line stop). I'm sure you guys know of other bars that have been supporters of Half Acre that also would work.