Friday, September 3, 2010

Just to verify

The Sticky Fat release is on at 12:00pm today. All kegged off and ready to pour.

It's a tasty beast. We called the beer an American Dark Ale, which is something we more or less made up, but what you can expect is a thick, practically black, beef nectar with a curious hop status. The weather today is well suited to tip back this 6.5% abv tonic. Labor Day will be sticky.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try this one tomorrow! Also can't wait to grab a shirt. Phineas really outdid himself with this logo.

HeidiLikely said...

I have some beer related questions that don't neccessarily relate to this beer, but after searching the internet high and low I have been unable to come up with any answers, so I figured I'd post them here and hopefully get some help from the beer community.
My friend is allergic to aspartame (she breaks out in hives almost immediately) and has noticed that it happens when she drinks some beers (it just happened the other day while drinking a Three Floyds Alpha King which I thought was surprising). Is there any way to get information on which beers have aspartame? Is it added more often to certain kinds of beers?
Any information anyone has on this topic would be incredibly helpful.

Gabriel said...

There should be no aspartame in beer, or at least there is no aspartame in our beer. Your friend may be allergic to something else that's in beer, but I doubt it's aspartame.

Death of The Young Dark Horse said...

Beef Nectar?

Andrew said...

HeidiLikely: for what it's worth, i've heard of people experiencing a similar reaction but because they're allergic to wheat/wheat products.

Jabberjaws13 said...

sounds like a gluten issue to me too. gluten sensitivity ranges in adults, but this is something that is serious and your friend should consult a doctor right away.

there are a number of gluten free beers that are popping up around the US, but unforetunately i cannot recommend one because i am not limited to gluten free, therefore have not tried enough.

good luck!

DShan said...


I'm a former Chicagoan beer freak that loved watching you guys take over town. I lived on Division and spent most of my time in Wicker/Bucktown. I'm in Vancouver now, and miss the scene back there.

Anyway, someone shot me the last few blog posts; I'd give anything for a taste, but alas that won't happen.

I was wondering if you'd be down with emailing me more details on the brew; I'm involved in Foodtree, which is a place to connect the dots in our food system and I'm dying try it out in the context of a bottle of beer. I'd be interested in where the ingredients were sourced, basically...I want to see how our system holds up to beer in particular, and what changes I need to make to make it easier for the next beer lover to contribute their beer.

Anyway, would love to chat.

Enjoy your weekend.

Frank said...

Killer brew Gabriel. Drank my share.

Anonymous said...

Sticky Fat is incredible. I wish I could drink it all winter.

Travis said...

Is there any left?