Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Crusch

Ladies & Gents:

We're releasing the Crusch tomorrow 4/13.
This Kolsch aims at warmer temps and the various happenings that go hand-in-hand. Roughly 5.5%, this one will be a growler buddy that won't be around long.

Draft only.
Only to be sold at our brewery.
Growler fills $14 ($18 w/ growler)

See you soon,

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Jeff G. said...

Thanks for remembering the session beers. I'll be there this weekend, growler in hand. Any lagers in the pipeline?

The_ez8 said...

Huge fan of the Kolsch style. Hoping for a nice, clean taste.

satan165 said...

ez8 - dont know that youll find it here. a bit disappointed with another extremely overhopped brew as was callow knife. dont get me wrong, i come back to daisy cutter again and again but this is a bit out of balance for a usually simple, subtle style. that being said....gabe - i could have done my growler in the alley, should have brought that glass with me after all.

Anonymous said...

Can we get a brew named "Hoppin Balls" in tribute to the upcoming Phish tour and the rampant drug use and heavy drinking that will ensue?

Benjamin said...

I feel like a lot of people aren't respecting the Half Acre "Terroir." They're whole overarching style make each beer distinctly Half Acre beers. A large toasty malt bill and hopped up the arse=Half Acre. You either love it or...well...you don't. Se la vie.

beerecorder said...

Please don't make a beer dedicated to Phish.
If you did I'd have to stop buying your beer entirely, based on self respect.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, guys. This is way too similar to Gossamer. This is /not/ a Kolsch. A light summer ale, maybe. Way too much hop aroma, and a definite blast of hop flavor. It really doesn't appear to have been lagered at all. I'm all for stretching the interpretations of style, but it really should be called something else. How about a California Kolsch?