Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The mighty Ginger Twin will once again drop anchor at 4257 N. Lincoln, this Friday, April 29th.

This hop thruster will be available on draft for growler pours, and in 22 oz bombers; multiple ship-in-a-bottle modeling challenges for you steady handed, sea fanatics.

22's will sell for $8.99, growler refills will be $15, and new growlers $19.

A beer befitting the burly brethren.

Longshoremen Be Ready

Ginger Discount:

*Anyone with God given red hair will be granted an 8% discount on Ginger Twin purchases.
**Anyone with God given red hair and a Longshoremen's beard will be granted a 10% discount on Ginger Twin purchases.
***Identical Twins will be granted a 15% discount on Ginger Twin Purchases
****Identical Twins with God given red hair will be granted a 25% discount on Ginger Twin purchases.
*****Identical Twins with God Given red hair and Longshoremen's beards will be granted a special treat (each) and 50% off additional Ginger Twin purchases.

(The Ginger Discount only valid at the Half Acre Beer Emporium located at the Half Acre Brewery & World Headquarters. 4257 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL)

Long Live The Ginger,

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Andrew said...

how bout us freaks whose only red hair is our beard?

Sonny said...

Two days to grow a longshoreman's problem!!!

Dave said...

Will the bombers be available at Binny's that carry Half Acre?

Meg said...

what about guys with random red hairs in their beards?

Gabriel said...

Bombers will leak out to the world. Random red hairs don't make the cut. Full. Red. Bush. Only.

Benjamin said...

SO glad you brought this brew back! It should be part of the regular line-up.

Andrew said...

haha i'll let y'all be the judge. the beard is bushy, and flaming red. either way, i'm getting some of this brew. i remember enjoying it last time. cheers!

robert said...

didn't know where else to contact you... just got a growler of the twin tonight, but had to use your brown kind. I brought my own in and your guy said you don't fill non-standard ones anymore. I just wanted to verify this with you.
I'm selling hand-blown ones (in chicago) that look great, and while we aim for the 64oz, each one ends up in different ounces. Maybe you'll make an exception for us?
robert macarthur

Anonymous said...

How about Twin Red Huskies?