Monday, April 7, 2008

Building Our Brewery

We've been perusing the brewing forums of the world in search of a
brewhouse that might be a good fit for our needs.  The industry is pretty robust these days so used systems don't become available often and when they do there are hungry start-ups like ours circling to get their hands on it.  

One such system became available the other day and we were mildly quick to make contact.  This is a good brewhouse that's seem some action.  It would be coming from a brewing co that has a great reputation and makes good beer.  I won't get any more specific than that should the ghouls of brewing who also want this system be reading these words, but it's good stock coming from good brewers.  

By the time we reacted we weren't the only ones.  These days a lot of purchases are made sight unseen, which to me is crazy, but I guess that's the way it can go.  Either way, our interest was tempered by this other "interested party."  We decided to keep full steam ahead and do what we could to feel out the opportunity.  Matt, my coworker who is heading up this part of the project, was going to fly out to this unnamed western state(remember the ghouls) to see it, but was going to be attending the Siebel Institute this week for a class on starting a brewery.  This class was expensive and stands to be very helpful to us.  

Well, after booking plane flights and hiring consultants and doing our due diligence we're set to investigate it to the fullest.  What's amusing is that when Matt attended the first day of the course today, he happened to be sitting next to a guy who was looking at buying a brewhouse in an unnamed western state coming from a respectable brewing co.  Small world -- the ghouls might be right next to you.  I had to laugh at that one.  The guy said that he isn't quite ready to make the purchase and we're now the lead horse.  We'll see what comes of this.

If nothing else, Matt will get to spend some time in a beautiful unnamed western state.

Half Acre Beer Co

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Helge said...

Good luck! It'd be great to have you guys brewing in the city!