Monday, April 7, 2008

Half Acre Hike Trial

On Saturday, with some great company, I did a dry run of the Half Acre Hike.  We began at the Monroe Harbor and hoofed all the way up the lake to 7000 North, hung a left and landed at the Heartland Cafe -- more than 70 blocks.  The whole walk took three and half hours.  It's a good walk, a walk most could do.  However, this case of beer will be a cumbersome addition creating a whole different challenge.  

At times during the walk I'd imagine myself with the case, the weight, and think that I might be in for not only a painful experience, but an impossible one.  Three and a half hours is a long time to hold pretty much anything, or do anything for that matter.  I'm really not sure, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  

The worst thing that could happen would be the need to pass it off to someone walking with me, and that's not that bad.  The case will get there, and for right now, I think I'm going to be the one to get all the way there.

I just hope the weather is as nice as this past Saturday.  What a treat at the tail end of a pretty morbid winter season.

Half Acre Beer Co

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R. Zach Thomas said...

I'll gladly walk a few miles with you Gabriel; join you for a few once you reach Heartland Cafe. I must give you kudos and props for everything you're doing, for the community and for yourself, as an entrepreneur. Any way that I can be of service, you let me know.