Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sorry for the delay, but....

Baume', the Commemorative, American Chocolate Rye Stout that we brewed to celebrate the new brewery is out in the world.  We only brewed a small amount of this beer so get it while you can.  

I know that Armanetti's at 3530 N. Lincoln now has the 22oz bombers on the floor and ready to sell.  Others are and will carry it while it lasts, but I'm not sure exactly who, just yet.

The kegs have all sold out and will be pouring at:  Map Room, Small Bar, Long Room, Twisted Spoke, Jerry's 2 and Sheffields.  It's up to them when it goes on, but they own then now...

Be sure to check out this beer.  We're proud of it.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Anonymous said...

this may sound like an odd question but would you like us to recycle the big bottles back to you?

Gabriel said...

Unfortunately it's not very practical. We have to steer clear of germs that live in our fans. Well, all people, not just our fans.

Law said...

had a pint at Jerry's with dinner on Tuesday and it was very tasty. keep up the great work.

Kyle said...

My Baume bottles arrived today, so we've got 36 bottles while they last (35 - one is for me!)

Drinks Over Dearborn
650 N. Dearborn
2nd Floor

PS - sorry about the germs

seeandyspin said...

Brought a couple of these to Dark Lord and they went over really well; had numerous Chicagoan stop me (the label is big and awesome) and ask me where I found it.

Lost at Sea said...

Great to sip on your baume at the map room yesterday.