Monday, April 20, 2009


So.... how about May 9th?  Meet at the brewery located at 4257 N. Lincoln at 1:00pm.  If it's raining, lip up, it's on.  If it's pouring, then check the blog for possible cancellation.

What we'd like is for people who are interested in playing to email  We'll make a list and get prepared for the appropriate amount of folks.  We're prepared to supply the horseshoes needed, but if anyone has any then please let us know in your email.  We'll sample some beer here at the brewery then head on over and throw.  Following the competitive play, we'll hop over to a local haunt for beers.

We're going to think of a way to structure it so that there are prizes and a reason to aggressively take down your opponent.  

Request:  if you have any stickers, bumper, interesting, funny, ridiculous, educational, scratch & sniff, etc, then please bring them to give to us (band stickers subject to band approval).  If you don't have stickers, then it might be best that you get some.  We're covering one of our vessels in stickers and need quantity.  It's your opportunity to leave your mark.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

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