Sunday, November 22, 2009


The capsule has been found and here is a bit about where it was hidden.,-87.640914&spn=0.000482,0.001019&t=h&z=20

Chains and helmets cross here one final time for lasting glory = Location of the final Chicago Cyclocross Race also the State Championship.

The “And I'll crush you to bits, body and bones” part is from the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The troll lives under a bridge.

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Chicago, IL


Anonymous said...

Congrats but I'm a little confused. Where does the "Chicago Can" come into the solution?

Anonymous said...

still wondering what "chicago Can" comes into the solution. Has there been any updates on this?

Dan said...

There is a sign that reads "Chicago Can" on the wall next to the final hiding spot. This part of the clue acts as an "Ah-ha! I got it!" moment for people searching in the field.


Here is the full breakdown. Looks like an old version was posted.

Cleats and chains will cross here for lasting glory.
Cleats and Chains found in cycling. The word cross = cyclocross. Lasting glory = This is the location of the State Championship Cyclocross race. Link Here Located in Park at Montrose Ave.

If you run into trouble down below just repeat these words:

"Well, come along! I've got two spears,
And I'll poke your eyeballs out at your ears;
I've got besides two curling-stones,
And I'll crush you to bits, body and bones."
This refers to the Three Billy Goats Gruff story. The troll lives under the bridge. There is one bridge on the cyclocross course.

The capsule is hidden in a corner crack in the wall on the southeast side. Remember. "Chicago Can"
Fairly straightforward. There is a sign that reads "Chicago Can" on the wall next to the final hiding spot.