Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Hunt

You likely noticed that we haven't been running the hunt.  The capsule was lost during the last hunt, which put a little bump in the road, but the main reason we've been hunt-free is lack of time. 

The new store on top all of our other brewery duties keeps us hopping and the hunt is taking it on the chin.  It's a shame because the hunt is enjoyable for everyone involved.  So, my thought is this:

Maybe we continue to host it, and provide frothy treasure, but you, the faithful Half Acre Hunter also does the stashing and clueing.  

Should anyone have an interest in meddling with the minds of your beer brethren, let us know.  We could establish a "you find it, you hide it," type policy.

We'll see.  Send an email to should you want to throw your hat in the ring.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Woldemar said...

I'd be happy to help coordinate a hunt in any way I can.

Dan said...

I'd hide one week as well. I also like the You Find It You Hide It policy.

Dan said...

I'm happy to hide one week. I also like the you find it you hide it policy.

Ginger said...

So, would hiding exclude me from finding? So be it! Also, sign me up for any other odd jobs you have around there. I need to round out my resume a bit.