Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Cans

Over the last month we've had a rough and tumble relationship with our canning line. That surly pile of wires and stainless will get the best of you if you're not careful. We've had the opportunity to look deep into its mechanical bits and come out with better understanding and respect.
So we move forward, the wiser.

With that, we bring you Over Ale cans.
We'll begin to can this beer in the next couple weeks.

Over Ale has been a beer we've brewed for a while. Maybe you've had the chance to take this beer for a spin over the years, maybe not. It's a different beer; one we love to drink. Over Ale is a brown beer that straddles style and lands in a place of its own. Kind of like that uncle you may have had growing up -- the single one that you didn't really know what he did or exactly where he lived, but he drove a sweet car and was a blast to have around during family events. Over Ale is that beer.

So you decide, it's quite possibly exactly what you think it is.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Fuzzy said...

I've greatly enjoyed Over Ale in growlers, so I'm happy to see it in a more storable format.

satan165 said...

i never had that uncle but i wish i did. gabe - will you be my cool uncle that drives a chocolate camaro?

Lonnie Smith said...

In My opinion, this is the best beer HalfAcre brews. I love it, and almost always get it in the Growler!

nate said...

Awesome -- I love Over Ale!

Christopher O. Kidder said...

This is the news I've been waiting for. I love Over Ale! Thanks, guys!