Friday, January 28, 2011


We've been getting a lot of calls over the last few months (a lot this week) about tours of the brewery. People visit our tour registration page and realize that our tours are booked up into 2012. We realize that's ridiculous and we would like to get more people in to take a look at the machine and listen to us blather, but there isn't any more time in the week, unless we compromise our sanity. We take 60 registered tour folks per week, and for now, that's all we can handle.

We do try to squeeze in a couple extra folks last minute, but that doesn't always work out.

We will get our best people into some sort of think tank environment and try to work through the code until we figure a way for you, the tour hungry, to get in this place. Till then, please hang tight.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Katie said...

Congrats that business is going so well! See you in 5/2012... randomly far away, but eh, its something to look forward to.

Jacob said...

Have you considered rationing the tours the same way you do the beer? Via pricing?

Gabriel said...


To date we've offered our tours free of charge. People go out and buy our beer all the time and we feel this is our chance to treat them. We hope to keep this tradition alive as long as it makes sense.

Lee said...

Daisy Cutter is amazing. Wish I could try more of your stuff but you have nothing here on the southside. South loop binnys is only place to get the daisy. Any thoughts on a collaboration with Three Floyds or has that been done already? Great job guys

Sharlene said...

In theory, you could have people who really love your beer, volunteer to lead tours.

Personally, I wouldn't mind learning enough about your beer to host a tour!

Anonymous said...

I'd pay $10 for a tour, because I love your beer. Free is awesome and you should keep it up, but maybe a pay tour would be great for those who don't want to wait 14 months to see your facilities, y'know?