Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We brew beer, yes........... but sometimes the magic spills over into our company kitchen.

Occasionally, things like this flow out.

Good idea, maybe not. Do I feel sick, yes I do, but the creativity need not be hindered.

Good Day,

Half Acre Beer Co

PS: Thanks to Sally for making us the chocolate, butterscotch, toffee cookies. The Fluff was ours.


Flenker said...

I'm visiting Chicago this weekend, from Kansas City, for my 30th birthday. Half Acre is a must-go-to destination, will you have anything fancy for me to try? Would not have to necessarily be Fluff-related.

satan165 said...

my only question is: if the fluff wasnt procured for that tasty dessert, why was it on hand? im being serious, i have never purchased 'the fluff' and while i am aware of its existence i cannot come up with many (or any) uses.

i cleaned my growler in your kitchen once and saw 2 tomatoes, a giant branch of basil and a baguette. that seemed fitting at the time of brewers; those of good taste. the fluff has spoiled your reputation permanently!

Sonny said...

Look's like someone been at the gaffor's home brew or they got into that jar of old Toby!

Gabriel said...

Dear Satan:

The beauty of it all lies in the ability to appreciate both fluff and locally grown basil.

Our kitchen is cram packed with all kinds of things. All kinds, Satan.

Jennifer said...

I think we're all maybe overlooking the most important question here: what's the beer pairing?