Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brewery Function

This past week we kicked on the water for the first time and flipped on the boiler.  A milestone for sure.  All this stuff has sat dry for a while and it's great to watch it function -- even if it wasn't an actual brew.  

We also turned on the refrigeration system for the first time.  Not nearly as visually interesting, but bad-ass in its own right.  

Tomorrow begins our first brew week.  Maybe not the most dynamic post, but the most triumphant to date.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Jonathan Eyler-Werve said...

I heard about you guys from a cabbie. I'm not sure I want my driver to be that excited about beer, but he was stoked. So now I'm drinking one of your fancy River Falls bottles and it's really pretty damned good. Keep at it.

Lost at Sea said...

Congratulations on attaining everything you need to start up the brewery. I stumbled across your over ale a few weeks back and became very interested. Is there any possibility to seeing the brewery or do you need any help on premises? Long story short is that I've always been into beer and decided to start pursuing my real dreams and desires...brewing just happens to be one of those.