Monday, February 2, 2009


This is a bit of news coming from a fellow brewer. I omitted the brewery name because I'm not sure that they'd want me regurgitating their misfortune, but I thought it was hilarious -- and at least part of them thought so, as well.  Some people are crazy, and this ruffian obviously had a penchant for churning things up.

"Early Friday morning a vandal broke into our brewery and opened up all our taps. We lost about $21,000 dollars worth of craft brew all over the floor in about four hours. He didn't steal anything, he didn't even pour himself a beer. Luckily, our nitrogen ran out and our CO2 couldn't keep all our tanks pressurized so all was not lost. But we lost about 170 gallons of Braggot, all our Grizzly Whisperer IPA and all our Cayenne Cocoa Bock.

The funny part of the story is how we caught the guy. Earlier that same day he applied for a job at our sports bar down the street, then proceeded do drink a few beers and took a shit in the urinal before he was asked to leave. Identification is easy with night cameras and an application for employment. Now he's the dude in prison for dumping out about 50 kegs of craft brew."

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

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Slovak Brewer said...

At least they sent the asshat to prison. A $21,000 hit is massive however, hopefully they can mantain.