Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fresh Used Kegs

We just got a heap of new/old kegs from some friends in Northern CA.  We desperately needed additional kegs to keep up.  We scored a bunch of 1/2 bbls and some 5 gallon kegs.

Kegs are like gold in the brewing world.  Buying new ones is damaging to the bank account and finding used kegs for sale is tough.  They come up every now and then, but the amount of interest in them is always overwhelming.  Brewers swarm people that have kegs for sale in the hopes of getting some additional cooperage.  We once noticed a post on a forum for some used barrels up for sale and followed up with an email.  Not long after, the seller posted again saying that the kegs had been sold and that they had received hundreds of responses over the course of the hour long post.

These kegs have been in the hands of numerous other brewing companies.  A long lineage, if you will.  As you can see, the one in front was originally made for Labatt Brewing Co.  Some are more banged up than others, but all hold beer.

We tagged all the 1/2 bbls's The Xylophone built this clock tower where the steelworkers story is told.  Aside the overpass, by the tree, under a rock with Half Acre and now we call them our own.  Look for them being delivered to your local pub.  Send us a pic if you see one.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

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