Thursday, February 12, 2009

Green Grocer

The Green Grocer now sells beer, and thankfully sells ours.  You guys should check it out.  The concept is great and you're sure to find things you'll enjoy.  For instance, Kombucha!  

This is something that has interested me for a while.  Kombucha is a fermented tea of sorts that's loaded with yeast - mainly Brettanomyces, which some brewers use.  Kombucha is said to restore balance and vitality to your body, which is a great thing, but it also packs a charge of sorts.  Can't really explain it, but it's distinctive for me.  

I know of a Kombucha brewery in Boulder, CO, but haven't talked with them.  A Kombucha Beer would be an interesting pursuit.  

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

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