Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For the Homebrew nerd within

One of our own, Rog, was gifted this carboy cozy by his lady friend, Sally. She knitted it herself, and if I do say so myself, did a fine job. This carboy sweater might put the T-shirt, the main carboy go-to, out of work. Maybe you homebrewers out there have developed your own method. Maybe this cozy is nothing compared to the rig your glass is sporting at home. Maybe you'd like to show us?

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Matt said...

That is AWESOME.

Bryan said...

i only just started using the t-shirt method after a tour of your brewery, now i'll have to convince my wife to learn how to knit.

socially inept idealist said...

I need the pattern for this!