Tuesday, June 22, 2010


When digging out the last few feet of concrete for the new trench drain, this bottle was pulled out of the ground.

We don't know everything about this building. We know it was built in 1907 for $7000. The rear of the building was used for stables while the front, where our store is now, was used for the sale of dry goods. There were a number of uses, including housing, over the years.

We're thinking that in the early 30's there was brilliant & deranged medicine man that took up shop in this building, and that he used bottles like this one to store his various head shrinking potions, soul saving elixirs, aphrodisiacs and such.

Who can be sure, but that's probably what it is.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Tommy V. said...

You should clean it out and put some crazy special brew in there and sell it for a fortune (maybe benefiting charity). It is a piece of history.

Phineas said...

Maybe you found Al Capone's vaults? Alert Geraldo!

Law said...

will this become the new capsule for future hunts???