Monday, June 21, 2010

Wet Saws, Jackhammers & IPA's

Half Acre is involved in its second construction project this month.

#1. Late last month we took over more of the building so we could accommodate the increasing amount of cans, kegs, bottles and cardboard we accumulate. Then, in order to use the space best, we knocked down a large wall so we could drive into the space with the "Pork Chop Express," our forklift. So now we can access that space from the overheard door (our third) that sits on an angle leading out to Cullom st. or just drive in through the gaping hole in the wall we created.

#2. Stair removal and trench drain. In order to brew more beer brewers need more fermentation space. When we originally built this place we had four 30bbl tanks and three 15bbl tanks. We then got rid of one 15bbl tank and added two 55bbl tanks. About a month ago we added another 30bbl tank, which totally fills both areas we've been using for fermentation. In order to keep on traveling down this rabbit hole we decided to create another area that will house additional tanks. We're removing one of two stair wells that lead to the second floor which will free up a lot of floor space. We're putting in a 40' trench drain so we can effectively work in that space and preparing for the arrival of new tanks. Right now we have two 60bbl tanks on their way. These tanks will give us a little breathing room and allow us to allot at least one of our other vessels for specialty / funky / one-off beers.

These last couple / few months we've slowed on our special releases because of capacity issues and we're eager to get back on track and get our store jammed with a wider array of beers, not to mention sending them out to the bars. We realize having two on draft at the store is lame -- we can assure you we're doing everything we can to rectify the situation and get things dialed in.

And speaking of special releases: we have two coming. Both collaborations, both IPA's, but that's for another post.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Ethan said...

Sounds like all good news.
Am looking forward to the two collaboration beers.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about the pork chop express
that is pretty funny.

Congrats on the growth, and expect to buy out the block by 2012 for Half Acre land..!