Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Double Daisy Cutter / Doble Cortador

The Double Daisy is now in consumption format. This one is a real treat to have around the brewery and I plan to take full advantage.

The first opportunity for you to take some in will be at our impending party, On Photon, this Saturday December 18, 2010. If you didn't score tickets to that event, then you'll be able to buy Double Daisy at our store in both growlers & 22oz bomber bottles on Wednesday December 22, 2010. We will begin selling at 12:00.

Prices will be:

Growler fills: $17
22oz bombers: $9.99

There's a 6 bomber purchase limit.

For those that will ask, this was a 30bbl bactch.

The DDC will also pop around town at your favorite watering holes.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Anonymous said...

fantastic news.... cant wait for this one.

Is there any Hugs left, or is it all gone by now?

Anonymous said...

Shoot, was hoping this would show up on Tuesday instead of Wednesday (at least in growler). I'm heading back out of town for the Christmas holiday. Hopefully bottles or growler fills will still be available prior to New Years.

Blake said...

What are the chances this lasts til January 14th when I'll be in Chicago? :-/