Thursday, December 16, 2010

On Photon gear up and Thanks

On Photon is upon us. Here's what's what and a big thanks to our friends who are taking part:

Half Acre, Chicago IL
Three Floyds, Munster IN
Piece, Chicago IL
Goose Island, Chicago IL
Revolution, Chicago IL
Flossmoor Station, Flossmoor IL
Metropolitan, Chicago, IL
Pipeworks, Chicago IL
Short's, Bellaire MI
Dogfish, Milton DE
Cigar City, Tampa FL
Six Point, Brooklyn NY

Bill Kim & The Urban Belly / Shack Clan
Derek's Dogs
Nice Cream

Jim Shearer

The fine folks who bring us H20 & Photon particles

The creator of the portable bathroom & the people behind the people.

The guests bringing us music and, you, our guests.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Samir said...

Looking forward to an awesome Saturday evening! Is the shindig still starting at 6pm? The tix don't list any times (or the date for that matter).

Cymantics said...

Why do I have a sick feeling in my stomach that Shorts are bringing Freedom

Anonymous said...

For the record I'm declaring twitter hash tags for the event: #halfacrebrewery and #onphoton

Please pass it on

Sonny said...

Cymantics, I hope your're right!!!!!!! Photon on!

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic list of breweries. Major bummer I can't go. For those of you that haven't had any, make sure to try whatever Cigar City they bring. Those guys are excellent brewers and you can't find any of their product for hundreds upon hundreds of mile

CvilleBarrista said...

Hey guys, I think last night was a fantastic event. I was, however, sadly disappointed that "all you can eat" did not include a single vegetarian dish. I Didn't mind, I love chocolate covered bacon & pork belly dogs, but I brought a coworker who's Indian and doesn't eat any meat. She ended up leaving early & disappointed. My wife & I stayed for the rest of the night and had a great time, but I don't think that 1 vegetarian option, even if it's just fries, is too much to ask.

R said...

had a blast last night! but the vegetarians we were with were pretty disappointed with the food - absolutely nothing they could eat...

Steve said...

Thanks very much to the Half Acre owners and staff for another great party. I wasn't sure the Chicago Craft Beer Week closing party could be topped, but you guys proved that it could last night. Special thanks to Michael Carroll for sharing some of the special Pear Gossamer. I'm very much looking forward to the next one.


Steve Mastny
Co-Host of BeerDownload

Gabriel said...

Yeah, that's a bummer there was no veggie options. It wasn't our intention, it just landed that way. If anyone feels cheated by the experience, feel free to contact me directly

Magas said...

Thanks a ton for organizing one of the best parties I've ever attended. It was ridiculously awesome & the amount of work you guys put into it to make it run as smoothly as it did was noted and appreciated.

Also, here's some pics & notes I took:

Awesome time.

chriswb said...

Great party! I'd like to point out that there were satisfying veg options if you thought outside the box. There were delicious grilled onions intended to go on smoked sausage but which loaded one of the available bowls and dipped into with one of the available rolls was akin to a hearty French onion soup into which you're dipping bread. There was also some great ice cream. Plus, beer is food, guys, beer is food.

Anonymous said...

Best party ever!!!!!Best 40 bucks I ever spent.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Why are people talking about the party like it already ahppen?!?