Thursday, December 2, 2010

On Photon......SOME details

Tickets for On Photon go on sale tomorrow 12/3 at 12:00.
The cost is $40 per ticket / maximum 10 tickets per person.
Date of On Photon: 12/18/10
Time of On Photon: 6 - 9:30pm
Location of On Photo: Half Acre Brewery, 4257 N. Lincoln Ave
Total tickets available: 275

Here are SOME details:

Some of the kegs :

Half Acre
Three Floyds
Short's Brewing
Cigar City
Flossmoor Station

Some of the food:

Bill Kim, Urban Belly
Derek's Dogs
Dessert & WATER

Some of the entertainment:

Our resident vinyl roughneck, DJ Major Taylor
+ Special Guests
+ Many photon particles

Giving you all the details would take some of the fun out of it.
Maybe you made it out to our last party at the end of Chicago Craft Beer Week.
This will be better.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Anonymous said...

Oh. Shit.

Anonymous said...

Will there be food options for vegetarians?

Gabriel said...

Veggies should be fine, but the menu is yet to be completed. I can say with almost certainty that would wouldn't go hungry.

Jabberjaws13 said...

I'll be in San Diego by the time tickets go on sale (apt hunting), and I'll be in San Diego permanently by the time the event happens. =/

That being said, I hope the event is a huge blast, and I'll still be stopping in to load up before making the trek out there permanently. I have a lot of friends out there requesting some Half Acre brews. Only downfall is I won't be able to get any Double Daisy Cutter before I go. =(

But best of luck! And maybe someday a few barrels can make there way to Stone or Pizza Port or something, even if it's a collab. You guys make some great beers! Sticky Fat and Ginger Twin FTW!!

Gabriel said...

Best of luck on your voyage west. There's a lot of good brews out there, but mind your midwestern soul.

Anonymous said...

Do tickets have to be purchased at the brewery, or are there other options? Looking forward to the DDC.

Gabriel said...

Tickets can be purchased at the brewery only. No phone orders or mail, etc. We're far too low-tech for all that.

Magas said...

Stoked! I'll be getting in line for this & some Big Hugs tomorrow morning. A little present for myself.

Shep said...

FUCK and YES -Kenny Powers